Sondra Bacharach

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  • BA Stanford University
  • MA, PhD Ohio State University

Sondra is an Associate Professor and Head of the philosophy programme at Victoria University of Wellington, where she has worked since 2003. Her main area of research is in philosophy of art, especially new and different artforms like computer art, street art and comics. She’s also interested in traditional questions, like the definition of art, the ontology of art, and authorship. You can see her full list of publications at her website.

Around Wellington, Sondra is an active arts-lover and is involved in philosophy for children in schools. She worked with Wellington City Gallery to develop a Thinking Through the Arts curriculum for primary school students, and has been involved in Island Bay School’s Philosophy for Children program since 2010, and South Wellington Intermediate’s program since 2016.

Sondra joined Occupation: Artist in 2017.  She provides critical (but supportive!) feedback, probing (but kind!) questions, and an analytic approach to thinking about art that only a philosopher can offer. She brings energy, enthusiasm and moral support to those in the throes of artistic creation, and is learning to write art criticism.