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Becky Bliss graduated from Whitireia New Zealand in 2010.

Her work looks at traces of the past using subtle layering evoking memories what has been before, with her Palimpsest and Pentimento series.

More recently the Penumbra series looked at spaces created around the shadows of simple shapes.

She was a participant in Handshake 1, in the New Zealand/German Wunderrüma exhibition, and recently an exhibitor in Schmuck 2015 in Munich and Prague.

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CV 2017


  • Bachelor of Applied Arts, Whitireia New Zealand 2010
  • Diploma of Visual Communications, Wellington Polytechnic 1976
Professional development
  • Handshake mentoring project, mentee. Mentor Fabrizio Tridenti, Italy 2011-2013
  • Jemposium – member of the organising committee 2011-2012
  • Peter Bauhuis Wax Workshop, Sydney, July 2015
  • Peter Bauhuis Workshop, Auckland, NZ (4 days) February 2015
  • Benjamin Lignel Workshop, Wellington, NZ (4 days) February 2015
  • David Clark workshop, Auckland NZ (3 days) 2015
  • Hilde De Decker masterclass (5 days), Wellington NZ
  • Handshake3 Jewelcamp, including Sofia Björkman workshop
  • Vito Bila workshop, Auckland, NZ (2 days) February 2016
  • Yutaka Minegishi Workshop, 4 days, Melbourne, September 2017
  • Handshake 3 (HS3) participant
Selected exhibitions
  • Handshake, ATTA Gallery, Thailand (January)
  • Handshake 3, Frame Galleries, Handwerksmesse, Munich (March)
  • Handshake/Dialogue Collective collaboration – It will all come out in the wash. Lot 62 Gallery, Munich (March)
  • The Button Show, Masterworks, Auckland (July)
  • The Dowse, Handshake 3 group collaboration exhibition, (August)
  • Occupy Crossley Street 2, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne, Australia (August/September)
  • Beijing International Contemporary Jewellery exhibition, November 2017
  • Golden Section, Parking Day installation with Occupation: Artist, Wellington NZ (February 2016)
  • Specials, Handshake alumni: Einsaulensaal, Munich, Germany (February )
  • Avid solo show, Found (April 2016)
  • Objectspace, Auckland, –show–sell–shift exhibition (May)
  • Objectspace Handshake 3 group collaboration exhibition (July)
  • Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Handshake 3 group exhibition (September)
  • Whitireia Alumni (November)
  • Avid, solo show, Penumbra (Feb)
  • FOUND: Objectspace, Auckland, NZ (Feb)
  • Schmuck, Munich (Mar)
  • Adorned Spaces: SNAG, Boston, USA (June)
  • R.A.W: Gallery 108, Auckland, NZ (July)
  • Wunderruma, Auckland Art Gallery, NZ
  • Occupy Anna: Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland, NZ (July/August)
  • Occupy Crossley Street, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne, Australia (September)
  • Contemporary Wearables ’15, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia (September)
  • Schmuck, Prague (October)
  • Beijing International Contemporary Jewellery exhibition, December 2015
  • Kete, Whitireia group show, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington (Feb-Mar)
  • Avid, Solo show, Wellington (April)
  • Wunderruma, (Jewellery from New Zealand), Munich and The Dowse, Wellington (June)
  • The National, Christchurch – Penumbra, Solo show (July)
  • Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney – Over Your Head, curated neckwear exhibition (Aug)
  • 2013
  • Schmuck, Munich, Handshake Project (March)
  • Objectspace, Handshake Project, Auckland (June)
  • Peek, group show, Anderson Park Art Gallery, Invercargill (Nov/Dec)
  • Bone Stone Shell, group show, Visual Culture, Wellington (Dec)


  • Handshake Project, Toi Poneke – Wellington (February)
  • Handshake Project, The National, Christchurch (Aug)
  • Wunderruma 2014
  • Handshake: 12 contemporary jewellers connect with their heroes, 2014
  • Handshake 3, 2016
  • Contemporary Jewellery in Context, a Hanshake blueprint, 2017
  • Masterworks Award for jewellery graduate (2010)
  • Winthrop University Guild of Emerging Metalsmiths, USA. Sticks and Stones Award (2010)