Artistic support material


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How should I format my support material? 


You can add documents and support material to your application on the ‘Attachment’ or ‘Support Material’ tab of your application form. 

  • Documents must be uploaded as attached digital files (.pdf, .doc or .docx (Word), .xls or .xlsx (Excel), .png, .jpg, .jpeg (images), .txt.
  • Artistic material should be provided as a web-link when possible. The URL needs to be a direct link to where your material can be viewed or played online and must not require further navigation, or for a file to be downloaded. We can’t accept documents provided as web-links to Google Docs or Drop-box. If the URL requires a password to access, make sure you include the password in the ‘Name/description’ field or the body of your application. Be sure to regularly check that the URLs you provided are working throughout the assessment period, as we take no responsibility if the link does not work.

Letters of support (up to 3, combined into a single pdf or word doc)

  • Sophie Jerram (was co-founder of Urban Dream Brokerage): Sarah to invite
  • Claire McArdle and Chloe Phowell (co-directors of Radiant Pavilion): Kelly to send Sarah copy of prev letter, sarah to write
  • Wellington Sculpture Trust (contact name?) hosts of Park(ing) Day: Caroline to follow up w Viv for prev letter
  • should be recent and specific to the project
  • from people of standing in your arts community, including kaumatua, who can attest to the importance, relevance or quality of the project you’re proposing, and to the quality of your practice as an artist. It’s a good idea to let the person read your application before they write the letter so they can comment on your project accurately.

If you’re working with other artists or organisations, here in New Zealand or overseas, you should provide a letter or evidence from them that confirms their availability and contribution to your project.

If you’ve been invited or accepted to participate in a project, a residency, or to present or tour your work, here in New Zealand or overseas, a strong application would include a letter from the people who invited you. This letter should confirm the invitation and outline how they will support your project.

Artistic support material: they prefer online – direct links. 

helps our assessors understand the artistic intentions of your project and the quality of your previous work. For some arts activities we have more detailed suggestions about the support material you should provide. Be sure to check the Additional activity guidelines and advice section of this site and the relevant funding programme webpage to see if there is additional guidance for your type of activity.

You should only include material that is recent, relevant and helps assessors understand the project for which you’re applying. Might include:

  • CVs or bios of the artists or practitioners involved
  • images of recent work or concept drawings for new work
  • a link to an artist’s website
  • exhibition catalogues, videos or audio recordings
  • evidence of past success, such as sales or box-office figures and reviews

Planning documents

Certain planning documents may be required for specific activities or as a requirement for certain funding programmes. Be sure to check the Additional activity guidelines and advice section of this site and the relevant funding programme webpage to see if there is additional guidance for your type of activity.

Depending on your artform and the nature of your project, you might include some of the following planning documents:

  • a production timeline
  • an itinerary
  • a draft programme for a festival
  • a marketing or engagement plan

Budget support material

  • flights and travel
  • freight and insurance
  • accommodation
  • contractors and professional services
  • design, editing or printing of a publication
  • materials

For Literature publishing and Multidisciplinary arts festivals, you must use a specific Excel budget template to present your budget and then upload it with your support material. Please refer to our guidance about downloading an Excel budget template