2018 No Filter

From ‘I’m just passing through while wearing me myself and I’ – Fran Leitch

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A week-long multi-artist jewellery-fest initiated by Occupation: Artist to coincide with Unpacking the Language of Things, a 2-day jewellery symposium presented by The Dowse Museum. O:A put out an open call inviting jewellers to display their work in informal spaces around the City, then liaised with Wellington galleries to produce a map listing all jewellery-related events happening during the symposium.


No Filter shows and events

DRAWING DRAPING Caroline Griffin, window of Frutti, 180 Cuba Street

Caroline Griffin, Drawing Draping (window of Frutti , Cuba St)

Passage Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hinau Road, Hataitai. Group Show featuring Caroline Thomas, Fran Carter, Jen Laracy, Katie Pascoe, Keri-Mei Zagrobelna, Kim Whalen, Kylie Sinkovich, Nik Hanton, Mandy Flood, Sam Kelly, Sandra Schmid, Viv Atkinson

Caroline Thomas in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Fran Carter in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Katie Pascoe in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Mandy Flood in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Nadine Smith in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Sandra Schmid in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Sandra Schmid in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Jen Laracey, Kim Whalen, Nik Hanton, Sam Kelly in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)
Viv Atkinson, Kylie Sincovich in Passage (Nik Hanton’s hallway, Hataitai)

Meditations on a woman’s lot, Kelly McDonald, at The See Here, window of 70 Ghuznee Street

Kelly MacDonald, Meditations on a Woman’s Lot at The See Here

Moments from the Body Political, The Dunedin School of Art (DSA at Otago Polytechnic) and Hungry Creek Art & Craft School (HCAC), at Vicbooks, 1 Kelburn Parade. An exhibition of experimental work resulting from a two day masterclass with Lauren Kalman investigating the history of wearable protests, objects of identity and craft as a political tool. The photographic exhibit explores dynamic-human scale pieces as performed social tools.

I’m just passing through while wearing me myself and I – Fran Leitch This project is about taking my work out of its native gallery in Northland, the Julia Reinholt gallery and passing it through an unfamiliar urban landscape for three hours. The challenge will be to see how the relationship I have with my work is redefined. I have chosen to communicate this experience via Instagram @fran.leitch “when one can control things, one is limited to one’s own vision” – Kiki Smith

13 The Workshop Framing Shop, 276 Willis Street ‘Midas Touch

The Midas Touch at the Workshop Framing Shop

An idea based on ancient Greek mythology that reveals the underlying peril the lust for gold can unleash. Please view this exhibition from the street lest you too be caught. Artists: Nadine Smith, Sondra Bacharach, Vivien Atkinson, Caroline Thomas, Phoebus Sid, Sarah Read

14 WORLD Wellington, 102 Victoria Street ‘Cinders’ Nina van Duijnhoven

Cinders by Nina van Duijnhoven at World

‘What is to give light must endure burning.’ Viktor Frankl

DIY FLOWER JEWELLERY WORKSHOP Lindsay Park, Corner Owen St and Constable St, Newtown  Come and make your own floral brooch, button hole, necklace or hairpiece. Bring flowers, greenery, thread, wire, scissors, needles

‘Remain’ at Potocki Paterson Gallery, 41 Dixon Street

Remain at Potocki Patterson

Works by three Australian artists who share an interest in jewellery and innovative processes that explore the permanency and impermanency of their chosen material. Each artist has a meticulous method of manipulating material, but then surrenders to process in the completion of the works. Eggplant, steel and wood are dehydrated, rusted and burnt. What is left, what will remain, is accepted and embraced. Artists: Ruby Aitchison, Cara Johnson and Thomas O’Hara

7 Kura Gallery, 19 Allen Street, ‘Raakai’. Artists: Vaune Mason, Suzanne Tamaki, Gareth McGhie, Terence Turner, Neil Adcock, Keri-Mei Zagrobelna

Sock it! An afternoon of creative sockery, by Kristelle Plimmer. Grand Hall, Public Trust Building, Lambton Quay. Bring your old socks or any other item of clothing that deserves a new life – we will use old-fashioned hand tools such as needles and thread, glue and pins, to create fabulous wearable art!

How to No Filter

  1. Download a map:  No Filter Wellington Exhibition Map-NEW2
  2. Go to all the things
  3. Especially don’t forget the Contemporary Jewellery Auction: Saturday 14th April at Te Auaha. Bar opens 3pm for a 4pm start. Be there or suffer jewellery envy!

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