2017 Radiant Pavilion

Paved with gold

For the week of Radiant Pavilion we had Crossley St all a-glow.

paved-with-gold-steps 03

paved-with-gold-steps 02

paved-with-gold-steps 01

paved-with-gold-openingOur use of gold leaf has multiple references beyond ‘jewelleryness’, including economic (the value of CBD land), artistic (its traditional use in architecture) and historical (the Ballarat goldrush).

Becky Bliss: Binit!

Becky’s week-long installation turned trash into treasure. Her gilded bins lured everyone down the street, where they could possibly strike it lucky with a brooch:





Viv Atkinson: Walking to Ballarat

During the gold rush, Viv’s great great grandmother travelled from the UK to Melbourne then made her way to the goldfields at Ballarat, some 115 km or 24 hours’ walk away. Over the course of the week, Viv  walked this same distance up and down Crossley St, stopping every few minutes to replace the gold leaf on her boots.





Kelly McDonald: Eureka!

In 1854 gold miners in Ballarat, Victoria, rebelled against unfair conditions. Known as the Eureka Stockade, this defining moment is often referred to as the ‘birth of Australian democracy’.Dowse-2 comp



at Charles Edward shirt maker


Sarah Read: Outside at Gallery Funaki, Rule Number One at Pellegrinis, The Jewellers Have Landed











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