2020 Park(ing) Day


kmd IMG_2880compThis year the weather for Wellington’s Park(ing) Day was kind, and our parking space became the site for Tread Lightly, a participatory printing experience.

ct IMG_20200306_134102969_HDR compUsing old car tyres, we demonstrated the printing process and helped passers-by to make graphic prints from the ‘inked’ rubber treads.

ct IMG_20200306_114446740_HDR crop

ct IMG_20200306_114646272_HDR

ct IMG_20200306_133533960_HDR

ct IMG_20200306_120003736As we worked we initiated discussions about environmentally responsible travel options and ways we can all reduce the impact of our car use when it’s unavoidable. For instance, by simply pumping our car tyres to their correct pressure we achieve:

  • better fuel consumption
  • less wear on tyres
  • fewer micro-plastics going into the environment

kmd IMG_2822 compAs always with Occupation: Artist projects, it’s the interaction with our audience that completes the whole intention and concept.

kmd IMG_2900comp

kmd IMG_2849 compInviting people to join us by making their own prints was an exciting development, 

kmd IMG_2871 compwith a few highlights really standing out. One lovely man participated in his wheelchair; we inked his tyres and he rolled back and forth across the paper whilst hanging over the side of his chair to watch the work develop.

ct IMG_20200306_120852377

ct IMG_20200306_121021068Then there was the group of kindergarten children having fun printing with tyres almost as big as themselves – they were also very happy to have the black paint washed off their hands at the end though!

ct IMG_20200306_105941843_HDRSeveral bicycle riders printed their bike tyres…

kmd IMG_2846 comp

ct IMG_20200306_122206069_HDRone guy printed his skateboard wheels and others riffed on responsible modes of human travel by printing the underside of their shoes.

kmd IMG_2831 comp

Park(ing) Day is a great initiative and we love this opportunity to get out of the studio and make public art. Cheers, Wellington City Council!

ct IMG_20200306_121355491_HDR


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